OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

How to create an editable Word™ document

Creating an editable Word™ document is as easy as pressing a single button. Scanner Addins One-Click technology allows you to scan and edit documents in Microsoft Word™ with ease.

To create an editable document in Microsoft Word™ press either the 'OCR From Image' or 'Quick OCR From Image' button found on the 'Insert' tab.

Note: In order to use the One-Click OCR process you must first configure your default settings. Please see the documentation below on how to configure your One-Click settings.

Once the image as been scanned the OCR process will begin. You will see a progress window indicating that the image is being processed. After the images are finished processing the text will be placed into the currently active document.

Modifying OCR Settings

To modify the OCR settings simply press the "Settings" button found near the other Scanner Addin buttons

The window contains an 'OCR' tab where you can change the One-Click OCR settings. You can also change the default languange or download additional languages.

Pressing the "Modify 'Quick OCR' settings" will bring up the scanner settings wizard. To learn more about changing your scanner settings using the settings wizard click here

After going through the settings wizard you will be able to "Save" your OCR settings. After saving your settings, these will now be the settings that Scanner Addin will use when using the One-Click OCR scanning process.

To download and install another language press the 'Get More Languages' button. Doing so will show the following window allowing you do download additional languages.

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